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French style cookies made from homemade fermented butter

Trappist Cookies are one of Hokkaido’s most well-known souvenirs (best-before date: 180 days). They are made with homemade fermented butter using traditional methods perfected in France at the Abbey of Fontenay during the Middle Ages.
Trappist Cookies are known for their crunchy texture and fragrant smell and popular because of their taste, which you can never seem to get enough of.
Trappist Homemade Soft Serve Ice Cream served at souvenir shops is unique in that it uses a Trappist Cookie in place of a spoon.


Trappist Cookies can be purchased at souvenir shops in the Hakodate Bay area, shops inside Hakodate Station, stores at airports in Hokkaido and department stores in Hakodate.

The Tobetsu Trappist Monastery was founded in 1896. (The Trappist Monastery Factory was incorporated in 1911.)
This was the first monastery to be established in Japan and it has become a popular tourism spot in Southern Hokkaido.
The current red-bricked building was built in 1908 after the first monastery burned down.
The monastery’s harmony with its green surroundings, isolation and solitude sooth the hearts of travelers who visit.
Trappist Butter, the monastery’s main product, was first made in 1911 and today cookies, butter candy, and jams made at the factory have become some of Hokkaido’s most well-known souvenirs.