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  2. Yubari Melon Pure Jelly

Extravagant jelly made solely from ripe Yubari melons

Yubari Melon Pure Jelly is a unique jelly treat known for its aromatic fragrance and juice that melts in yourth mouth just like a real Yubari melon (best-before date: 180 days).
The taste and texture appears just like the real thing even though it is a jelly product, making it a luxurious dessert with an all new take on the genre.
This taste won it the gold medal at Monde Selection for five years running (2003 to 2007) and it has been used as a treat served with tea on Japan Airlines flights for 10 years in a row. This track record demonstrates its superior quality and taste that is second to none.


The company’s products can be purchased at its retails stores mainly in the Central Hokkaido area and at major department stores and airports in the prefecture.

Aspiring to be a confectionery company always beloved by Sunagawa and its vibrant natural environment

Hori Co., Ltd., based in Sunagawa City, is one of Hokkaido’s most well-known confectionery companies (established 1947).
Located almost exactly in the center of Hokkaido, Sunagawa City boasts expansive tracts of fertile lands and the bounty of pristine waters. National Route 12 running through Sunagawa is known as Sunagawa Sweets Road because it has a total of nine confectionery companies located along it. Each of these companies strives to deliver locally made sweets that are safe and healthy.
Hori makes all of its sweets at its company-owned and operated factory. It delivers Japanese and Western sweets, raw sweets, and frozen treats with a particular commitment to quality and taste.