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  2. Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki

Special 7-day okaki made painstakingly by hand

Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki is a rice cracker treat that uses the same recipe used back during the pioneer days of Hokkaido (best-before date: 21 days).
These crackers are known for their crunchy texture and the slightly sweet taste of Hokkaido-grown rice noticed with every bite, providing a simple, yet nostalgic flavor. They are available in a selection of flavors made with high quality local ingredients, such as Mashike Sweet Shrimp, Matsumae Squid, Erimo Sundried Konbu Kelp, Esashi Sundried Scallops and Shibetsu Autumn Salmon, among others.
These crackers are also very popular because they include a serving of mochi sticky rice kneaded together with the same marine produce used to make the crackers.


The company’s products can be purchased at its retails stores mainly in the Central Hokkaido area and at major department stores and airports in the prefecture.

Aspiring to be a confectionery company always beloved by Sunagawa and its vibrant natural environment

Kitakaro Co., Ltd. is a confectionery company focused mainly on Western sweets headquartered in Sunagawa, Hokkaido (established 1991). Established as a subsidiary of Hori Co., Ltd. to fulfill the vision of making super fresh sweets with local Hokkaido ingredients, Kitakaro opened its very first store at the Sunagawa Highway Oasis.
The company is famous for its mainstay products that include cream puffs and baumkuchen.
Its jumbo-sized cream puffs made fresh have become a popular gift item from Hokkaido known nationally in Japan and have helped to light the fire behind the popularity of the Kitakaro brand.