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  2. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

A unique harmony of sweet chocolate paired with the saltiness of potato chips

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips are one of the company’s popular products. They offer a unique combination of sweetness from chocolate and saltiness from crunchy potato chips, which are coated halfway in creamy milk chocolate (best-before date: 30 days).
The balance of the aromatic thick wavy potato chips with the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness of milk chocolate is out of this world.


The company operates retails stores mainly in Sapporo and other parts of Hokkaido. Customers from across Japan can also order its products online. The company’s products are sold at major duty free stores at airports in Japan as well as in Asia and the United States.

Aiming to deliver memorable chocolates straight from our chocolate factory in Hokkaido

Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells chocolates and baked confections under the ROYCE’ brand. It also operates retail stores mainly in Sapporo and other parts of Hokkaido (established in 1983).
The company is famous for its mainstay milk chocolate products that blend a hearty helping of fresh Hokkaido cream with chocolate ganache.
Under the keywords quality and originality, the company has built up a lineup of more than 100 products, while its limited edition and limited quantity products are always popular, too.
The company also prides itself on customer service and hospitality that makes customers want to come back to its stores.