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  2. Holland Senbei

A traditional taste made using the same recipe and techniques from long ago

Holland Senbei, one of Nemuro’s most famous confections, continues to be made with the same recipe and technique as when it was first released around 1965 (best-before date: 30 days)
This senbei rice cracker made using traditional methods offers a unique moist and soft taste that leave you with a sense of nostalgia even if you are eating it for the first time. This is because all of this senbei’s ingredients are completely additive free, while its base flavor of brown sugar is blended harmoniously with superior quality wheat flour resulting in a taste that is enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.


Holland Senbei can mainly be purchased from Hashiyakashiten located in Nemuro City.

A taste and dedication continually preserved with a commitment to the authentic

Based in Nemuro City, Hashiyakashiten makes and sells confectionery treats, and is famous for its senbei rice cracker products (founded in 1950).
The company’s mainstay product called Holland Senbei is one of Nemuro’s most famous confectionery treats and it uses the same time-honored recipe since the company was founded.
At its height, Holland Senbei was actually made by a number of different companies, but Hayashiyakashiten is the only one that makes it today.
The company has never forgotten is responsibility as a long-established business to uphold and carry on the same tastes as when it was first founded. The company’s faithful and basic recipes from yesteryear carry with it a unique and nostalgic taste you are sure to remember.