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  2. Jaga Pokkuru

Crispy and crunch potatoes grown in Hokkaido's expansive fields

Jaga Pokkuru is a limited edition product only made at Calbee’s Chitose Plant (best-before date: 90 days).
Only the highest quality Hokkaido potatoes are used. First they are cut skin on to preserve the savory taste and then processed into a crunchy texture using a proprietary method developed by the brand Potato Farm.
The product is seasoned mildly with the aromatic fragrance of grilled salt from the shores of Lake Saroma in the Okhotsk region.
The product was named after the fairy called koropokkur in the Ainu language, which means person under the bog rhubarb.


Potato Farm products are mainly found at airports, stations, and souvenir shops across Hokkaido.


■Permanent stores
Hokkaido-certified souvenir shops, certified duty free stores, online and at Calbee Plus in New Chitose Airport
■Temporary stores
Product fairs at department stores and department stores overseas

Passing Hokkaido from hand to hand

Potato Farm is one of Hokkaido’s most well known souvenir brands named after the magnificence and simplicity of Hokkaido’s natural surroundings. The brand is owned by Calbee Inc., one of Japan’s largest confectionery and snacks companies (established in 1949).
Under the catchphrase, “Passing Hokkaido from hand to hand,” the company manufactures products for the brand made from only the best local ingredients. The brand promises to deliver the delicious taste of potatoes and other ingredients directly to consumers around the world.