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Gokatteya - Continually preserving the flavors of previous generations

Gokatteya Honpo makes and sells yokan and other confections. Its head office is located in Esashi Town, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido (founded in 1870).
The pattern on the company’s retro packaging paper uses the design of an award the company won at a product fair during the Meiji period.
Marukan Yokan is one of Southern Hokkaido’s most famous souvenir products and its packaging design, which ensures your fingers never get sticky, was first thought up around 1939 and 1940. Even today the company’s products allow you to take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy the exact same traditional flavors of a Japanese confection from a bygone era.


The company’s products can be found primarily in Hakodate City and other parts of Southern Hokkaido. You can also find their products at airports and major department stores in the prefecture.

A unique yokan treat you extrude from the back of the container and cut with an attached string

Gokatteya Yokan, which is packaged in a round container, is made using a secret recipe with a long storied-tradition and created on the back of many hardships of countless generations (best-before date: 90 days). This unique yokan, which you extrude (or push out) from the back of the container and cut off the amount you would like to eat with the attached string, was proposed as a way to avoid getting your fingers sticky. The company uses only the finest quality kintoki azuki beans grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido to make this and other yokan products. The taste and quality of Gokatteya Yokan has become legendary ever since it was presented to the Emperor of Japan as a souvenir from his visit to Hakodate in 1936.