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Small cake of the north

Haskapp Jewelry features homemade haskapp jam and cream sandwiched between two thin cookies and framed with Couverture chocolate (best-before date: 15 days).
The product is among one the company’s best and longest selling products since 1978 because of its perfect harmony of tart haskap jam from Hokkaido and sweetness of chocolate coupled with locally made butter cream and fragrant cookies.
In addition to Regular, Haskapp Jewelry is available in Premium Black, which uses a premium quality black cookie (only available at the head store, Daimaru Sapporo Store and Airport Store) as well as White, which is framed in white chocolate like a layer of white snow (only available at the Airport Store).


The company’s products can be purchased at its chain of company-operated stores mainly located in Sapporo.
Customers can also browse the a candy brand book containing English explanations, too, it has at each of its store in order to share more about the world of sweets culture.

Aiming to be the first sweets amusement park in Hokkaido

Morimoto Co., Ltd. makes and retails Japanese and Western sweets as well as bread. Its head office is located in Chitose City, Hokkaido (established 1949).
The company’s sweets achieve a balance between tradition and innovation based on the theme of developing new treats rooted in the natural environment and living conditions of Hokkaido. These sweets have earned widespread acclaim, having won a number of contests.
The company’s mainstay product Haskapp Jewelry won the Prime Minister’s Award at the  Japan Confectionery Expo in 1984.
The company prides itself on creating products that use only the finest quality ingredients sourced locally from Hokkaido.
Another unique aspect about the company is that many of its stores have a kitchen to ensure it delivers only the freshest possible products.