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Crunchy and airy texture of a potato made into cookies!

Hokkaido Jagakki is a cookie made mainly from potatoes and hearty helping of butter (best-before date: 90 days).
The product is known for its airiness, yet crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth texture.
The hint of saltiness and the depth of the potatoes are drawn out to create a cookie that can be enjoyed by even those who don’t like sweets.


・13 directly owned and operated stores in Hokkaido
Lake Toya area (3 stores)
Date area (2 stores)
Tobetsu and Muroran areas (7 stores [Tobetsu Higashi Store located in a beer brewery])
Downtown Sapporo (1 stores [JR Sapporo Station)

Deliciousness delivered from Lake Toya, Hokkaido

Wakasaimo Honpo Co., Ltd. is a confectionery company focused mainly on Japanese sweets headquartered in Toyako Town, Abuta County (founded in 1930).
The company’s mainstay product called Wakasaimo is a Japanese sweet made from mashed beans that tastes like baked yam. It is popular as one of the most famous Japanese sweets made locally.
This highly original Japanese confection received the Honorary Director-General’s Award at the 18th Confectionery Expo held in 1973, demonstrating its standout quality and taste.
Under the motto “Delivering deliciousness and creating fun is a moment of happiness,” the company has continually pursued confection-making suited to the times ever since it was founded.