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A perfect harmony of freeze dried strawberries and chocolate

Strawberry Choco offers the perfect blend of tart freeze dried fully ripened strawberries covered in the sweetness of chocolate (best-before date: 35 days). The lightly crunchy texture of the freeze dried strawberries offers a uniquely new texture among chocolate confections. The product is available in two flavors:  Strawberry Choco White, featuring freeze dried strawberries dipped in white chocolate, and Strawberry Choco Milk, featuring freeze dried strawberries smothered in milk chocolate.


Most of its stores are located on the outskirts of Sapporo, but its products can be purchased across all of Hokkaido


●Stores Obihiro area (16 stores), Sapporo and Central Hokkaido (39 stores), Kushiro area (5 stores), Hakodate area (4 stores), Asahikawa and Furano area (3 stores) ●Factories Obihiro City (headquarters) and Nakasatsunai Village

Premium ingredients and a story rooted in the local community

Rokkatei Confectionery Co., Ltd. is sweets maker with its main factory located in Obihiro, Hokkaido (established in 1933). It makes and sells Japanese and Western sweets and its mainstay product called Marusei Butter Sandwich is a popular and famous confection from Hokkaido. Its products are unique in that it projects the history of Tokachi as well as its climate and the hardships faced by its people. These include Hitotsunabe, which tells of the pioneer days, and Daiheigen, which evokes the site of the Tokachi plain. The company was also the first in Japan to use white chocolate, as part of a motif for Hokkaido snow. The company is also famous for its wrapping paper designed after a picture of ornamental plants by Chokko Sakamoto. Some of its stores have an attached cafe where you can eat sweets you just bought with a light snack or drink.