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A flavor that embodies the history of Hokkaido's pioneer days and the climate of Tokachi

Designed after the bark of a white birch tree using milk chocolate and white chocolate, Sanporoku is one of Hokkaido’s most famous confections (best-before date: 15 days).
It is made exclusively from locally sourced Hokkaido products, including butter, sugar, eggs and 100% Tokachi-grown wheat flour.
Sanporoku is highly acclaimed as a softer, moister version of baumkuchen thanks to its proprietary recipe that locks in the flavor of its ingredients.
In 1988, Sanporoku received a gold medal (the top prize) at the 27th Sweets & Snacks Expo Monde Selection, spreading the name of Obihiro’s famous confections from Hokkaido to the world and receiving wide-reaching acclaim in Europe.


The company’s products can mostly be found in the Sapporo and Obihiro areas, but its chain of 41 stores has locations across Hokkaido.


Obihiro area (12 stores), Kushiro area (7 stores), Nakashibetsu area (1 store), Sapporo area (17 stores), Tomakomai area (2 stores), Asahikawa area (1 store) Chitose area (at New Chitose Airport) (1 store)

Connecting the bond of family and connecting peoples' hearts through sweets

Ryugetsu Co., Ltd. makes and sells Japanese and Western sweets. The company’s head office is located in Otofuke Town, Kato-gun, Hokkaido (established in 1947).
The company focuses on using exclusively Hokkaido-sourced ingredients under the slogan “Aiming for the local production for local consumption of ingredients and energy.”
The company’s most well known product called Sanporoku received a gold medal (the top prize) at the 27th Sweets & Snacks Expo Monde Selection in 1988.
Some of the company’s stores have an attached cafe space where free coffee is provided so that patrons can enjoy the cakes and famous confections they purchased in store.