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One of Japan's most unpalatable foods that is actually quite delicious after you try it

Yoitomake is a castella cake roll with an inner filling and hearty outer topping of haskap jam made from berries picked in Hokkaido. It is then rolled in granulated sugar (best-before date: 35 days).
This product has been enjoyed by consumers for more than half a century since it was first released. The secret behind its popularity is the perfect blend of slightly tart natural haskap berries and the sweetness of castella cake.
The name of the produce originates from a yell used when hoisting and dropping logs at a timber yard of a local paper mill in Tomakomai. The outside of the creation was also made to resemble a log.
When it was first released the company received a number of complaints that it was difficult to eat because of the sticky mess made by the outer jam coating. Nevertheless, it has long been loved as a favorite confection among locals.
Today, it is cut into 7 equal portions as part of the company’s efforts to modify the product to make it easier to eat.


The company’s products can be purchased at stores mainly in the Sapporo and Tomakomai areas and at various souvenir shops across Hokkaido.

Haskap sweets made with a commitment to the local community

Mitsuboshi Co., Ltd. is a confectioner that makes Japanese and Western sweets as well as breads. It is based out of Tomakomai City (established 1898).
The company’s most famous product is Yoitomake made from locally picked Hokkaido haskap. The company is known by many because most of its sweets are made from haskap.
Haskap has long been known as a cure for aging and is a specialty product from Hokkaido now receiving a great deal of attention as a functional food. The fact that Yoitomake won the Honorary President’s Award at the 22nd Japan Confectionery Fair serves as an endorsement for its great taste.