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Safe and delicious water supplied by a highly sophisticated water supply system

Despite having a large amount of rainfall, Japan does not necessarily have access to a large amount of water on a per capita basis, so in some cases it has to import water from other countries. However, from the standpoint of its highly developed drinking water systems and access to clean water rich in minerals purified from rain and snowfall in its pristine mountains, Japan is also considered blessed with a wealth of water
Calcium hypochlorite is used in Japan to kill bacteria and sterilize drinking water and in some cases you can taste an aftertaste depending on the water source and area. This trend is particularly noticeable in urban areas, so many people buy bottled mineral water.


Hokkaido has a large number of famous and pristine natural springs. The water sourced from some of these springs is sold as bottled mineral water. These springs are often found in areas at the foot of large mountains, such as Mt. Yotei and Mt. Daizetsu.


■Map / Main producing municipalities


Kyogoku Town is extremely famous for its pristine natural springs fed by snowmelt from Mt. Yotei. Higashikawa Town and Asahikawa City, located at the foot of the Daizetsu Range and Tomakomai City, situated close to Mt. Tarumae, each have access to pristine subsoil water from the mountains.


Eniwa City, Sapporo City, Otaru City, Kyogoku Town, Tomakomai City, Kuromatsunai Town, Higashikawa Town, Asahikawa Town, Teshikaga Town, Rausu Town

All of Hokkaido has access to high quality water from the mountains or sea

Famous Hokkaido waters include the bubbling spring of Kyogoku Town, which has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 most famous waters by the Ministry of the Environment. This spring is fed by rainfall and snowmelt of Mt. Yotei, also known as Ezo Fuji, which percolates for many years through the ground and bubbles up as purified spring water. Similarly, many of Hokkaido’s most famous water spots are located near large mountains, such as Mt. Daizetsu, Mt. Tarumae and Mt. Rishiri. These are all soft waters and have a very smooth taste.
In addition, water is sourced from the bottom of Lake Mashu in Teshikaga Town and from deep ocean water in Rausu Town.

Water Family

  • Hokkaido Mineral Water
    Mt. Yotei Spring water is sourced from snowmelt that bubbles to the surface in a spring after spending 70 to 80 years underground. It is known for its extremely soft and smooth taste. The water source at the foot of Mt. Yotei is also a park, so visitors can witness the daily spectacle of between 70,000 and 80,000 tons of spring water shooting up into the air.
  • Daizetsu Water Resource Conservation Center
    Daizetsu Asahi-dake Gensui is a brand of mineral water sourced from the foot of Mt. Asahi after being filtered naturally underground. It offers a very smooth and mellow taste. This water is bottled without pasteurization so that its original flavor can be enjoyed. This is one of two of the 100 famous waters of Japan found in Hokkaido. It is popular because it is sold in PET bottles.
  • Hokkaido Coca Cola Bottling
    I Lohas mineral water, which is sold nationwide as a Coca Cola product, is a natural spring water from Japan that tastes great and is eco friendly. Water is sourced from seven carefully selected spots. One of these is a natural aquifer found under Kiyota-ku in Sapporo City.


Mineral water is not affected by the seasons, but from March to May the volume of water increases due to snowmelt from the mountains.

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