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Developing into one of Japan's premier wine producing areas

Yoichi Town has a comparatively warmer climate compared to other parts of Hokkaido and longer hours of sunlight, providing an environment well suited to fruit cultivation. The heavy snowfall here actually protects fruit from freeze damage.
For many years the town mainly grew grapes for eating, until 1973 when wine grapes brought from Europe were cultivated on a trial basis. In 1984, wine grape growing took off thanks to a major company in Tokyo signing a growing contract with producers in the Town, and today the area yields one of Japan’s largest wine grape crops.
Yoichi Town, which calls home to four wineries and 30 wine growing farmers, has grown into a premier wine producing area that has attracted the attention of many who are interested in wine grape production and wine making.


Local Yoichi wine can be purchased at the Yoichi Winery, Domaine Takahiko OcciGabi Winery, and Rita Farm & Winery. It can also be bought at souvenir shops, supermarkets, and liquor stores in Yoichi Town, while certain wines can also be purchased at wine stores in Sapporo or at New Chitose Airport.


●Contact Window for Inquiries about Wine, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Section, Economic Affairs Department, Yoichi Town Government
26 Asahicho, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0135-21-2123

Experience the different taste of wines produced by each winery primarily from grapes sourced from Germany

Nearly 80% of the wine grapes grown in Yoichi Town are from German varietals such as Kerner, Zweigeltrebe, and Müller-Thurgau.
Since 1974 when Yoichi Wine was established as a sake known as Chitosetsuru, Yoichi Wine was the only wine producer in the town, but in Domaine Takahiko opened in 2010 and the Yoichi Winery in 2011 which offers an attached restaurant and cafe. These were followed by OcciGabi Winery and Rita Farm & Winery, which are small scale wineries. Even they use the same varietals each of these wineries produces its own unique and individual wines.