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A product created after young fishermen discovered a new possibility hidden in the sea

Rausu Town is situated along a narrow and long belt on the southeast side of Shiretoko peninsula, a World Heritage Site known for its bounty of mountain and sea life.
Rausu Deep Water Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 mainly by young fishermen working in the waters off the town and their friends from other industries. They began researching deep sea water from scratch with the goal of creating a new industry for the small town and in the year 2000 they began selling a mineral water. This product has earned acclaim for its use as an ingredient in sweets and ramen and companies have even contacted Rausu Deep Water about opportunities to develop new products using the town’s deep sea water.
Today, this mineral water is widely used to make shochu and cider and even to keep seafood caught off Rausu partially alive and fresh.


This mineral water can be purchased in PET bottles at the Shiretoko/Rausu Roadside Station, which also sells soft serve ice cream made from the water. The by-product of this water, salt, has also been made into products. Products can also be purchased directly online from the Rausu Deep Water website.


‚óŹRausu Deep Water Co., Ltd.
61-1 Kasuga-cho, Rausu-cho, Menashi-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0153-88-5470

One of Japan's most unique and rarest hard mineral waters

Deep sea water refers to water found at the ocean bottom at a depth of between 3,000 and 5,000 meters. Deep sea water sourced off the coast of Rausu is rather rare in the world because it flows upward after coming into contact with the continental shelf.
In Japan soft water with a hardiness of less than 120 is generally preferred by consumers and the country’s most famous drinking waters are sourced from the subsoil water of mountains. Shiretoko Deep Sea Water bottled by Rausu Deep Water, however, has a hardness of 1,000 and large amounts of many minerals, including calcium and magnesium. This is why the water is believed to have a positive effect on your body.
In addition, the company also sells Shiretoko Water, for which the hardness is adjusted to 100 for better drinkability.