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Vast collection of Noboribetsu brand products selected for inclusion in the local Oni no ichioshi series

Noboribetsu Rakunokan Co., Ltd. produces dairy products out of a building that once served as a local elementary and junior high school. Established in 2004, this company’s dairy products made from raw milk sourced from some of the highest quality local dairy farms in Central Hokkaido have received a great deal of acclaim. Four of its products, Noboribetsu Milk, Noboribetsu Milk Pudding, Noboribetsu Torori Pudding and Nomu Cheese, have been selected for inclusion in the local Noboribetsu brand.
In addition to dairy products, Noboribetsu Rakunokan also makes a hit sausage from locally produced whey pork.


These dairy products can be purchased at Noboribetsu Rakunokan as well as a selection of souvenir shops at Noboribetsu Hot Springs, supermarkets in Noboribetsu, Sunkus and Seven-Eleven stores, and the Oni Navi Station Noboribetsu, which carries Noboribetsu brand products.
*Some stores may not carry these dairy products.


‚óŹNoboribetsu Rakunokan Co., Ltd.
73-3 Satsunaicho, Noboribetsu-shi, Hokkaido
Tel. 0143-85-3184

New dessert drink that tastes like yogurt, but is not quite yogurt

Nomu Cheese is a unique dessert drink made from fresh raw milk sourced from Noboribetsu City and Muroran City. It tastes similar to yogurt and also has a rich and creamy texture similar to cream cheese.
Nomu Cheese has a higher calcium and mineral content than milk or yogurt of the same size and it is also made so that it is easily absorbed by the body. It has a large amount of lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharide, which helps to regulate the functions of the digestive tract, making it a great breakfast drink you can enjoy daily.
Look for the shape of Hokkaido protruding from the container.