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  2. Doburoku pudding

Developed so that more people can enjoy the great taste of locally brewed doburoku

Mr. Yasushi Koiwa, the inventor of this pudding recipe, is none other than the head chef at Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu no Yu. In 2009, Shinshinotsu Village became the second area in Hokkaido to be designated as a Doburoku Special Zone after Naganuma Town. The following year a local farmer obtained a sake brewing license and began selling a doburoku sake made from locally grown rice. Mr. Koiwa, wanting to create a treat from the doburoku so that it could be enjoyed by all ages, created a number of candidates, which finally led to a pudding.
The pudding is made by a confectionery company in Sapporo, but the company had a hard time replicating the recipe from Mr. Koiwa’s initial success. The pudding has sold extremely well since its release and it has ranked among the top selling products on the manufacturer’s e-commerce site.


The pudding can be purchased at Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu no Yu and at the product market located onsite from May to early November. It is also sold at the New Chitose Airport store of Sapporo Sea Foods, which manufactures the pudding, and on Amazon (http://amazon.co.jp).


ā—Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu no Yu
Kita-2 Dai 45 Sen, Shinshinotsu-mura, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0126āˆ’58āˆ’3166

A taste for the masses that offers a great balance of flavors from doburoku and fresh cream.

The pudding is made not only from doburoku brewed from locally grown Shinshinotsu Village rice, but also Hokkaido sourced fresh cream and eggs.
Inventor Mr. Koiwa had some difficulty in perfecting the recipe because if the flavor of doburoku was emphasized too much, it would only appeal to a few and not the masses, but if the fresh cream was too overpowering, than the flavor of the doburoku would be lost. However, thanks to his many efforts, Mr. Koiwa was able to produce a delectable pudding with a subtle sweetness and faint flavor of doburoku together with the soft, smooth texture of fresh cream and texture of rice.
Products created with Hokkaido’s undead themed local idol Francesca are also quite popular.