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  2. Mouraiton pork

Pork produced with recycling-oriented agricultural practices in mind

Known for its vibrant natural environment, Ishikari City has a prominent agricultural and fisheries industry that produce many local specialty products. In recent years, the city has increased the visibility of its livestock products. Among these, mouraiton pork produced at North Best Farm in Atsutaku, Ishikari City has become known as a popular Ishikari brand.

North Best Farm effectively recycles resources as part of its commitment to be an eco-friendly company. Part of its farm is dedicated to raising pigs. It take about half a year from birth to shipment of a pig and during this time the farm makes sure that its animals live in a comfortable environment. It also implements various measures to realize the vision of recycling-oriented agriculture.


Mouraiton pork can be purchased at JA Ishikari Product Market Torenosato in Ishikari City.
Cuisine made with mouraiton pork can also be ordered at restaurants in the city.
Mouraiton pork is also sold at Daimaru in Sapporo (B1F) and in Tokyo at Isetan Shinjuku. Mouraiton pork is also on the menu of high end restaurants in Tokyo and Ginrinso in Otaru.


‚óŹNorth Best Farm Limited
268-5 Atsutaku Minetomari, Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido Prefecture
Tel.  01337-7-3016

Only the best of the farm's carefully-raised pigs is selected for the mouraiton brand of pork

North Best Farm’s pig pen is designed with space and comfort in mind, enabling the pigs to freely roam about. The floor consists of rice husks and saw dust that are combined into a one-meter thick bio-bed, atop which the pigs are raised. The pig’s excrement is absorbed by the bio-bed and reused as fertilizer. The pigs are fed a homemade blend of highly nutritious feed. Of these pigs, only the most prized 10% is branded mouraiton pork and shipped. Mouraiton pork has a subtle sweetness and simple fattiness. The meat also offers a great balance between red meat and fatty meat.