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A perfect accompaniment to rice made from the local specialties of Bihoro

Bihoro Town’s main industry is agriculture and it mainly cultivates vegetables in its fields. Okazu Miso is a prepared food made from Mamebijin, a handcrafted miso, made entirely from green soy beans grown by students from Bihoro High School’s Agricultural Studies Department, stir fried together with local vegetables to create the perfect pairing for white rice and other sides. This particular product is made by members and staff of the Bihoro Tourism and Product Association entirely by hand and free of preservatives or artificial colors, making it a popular souvenir and gift.


Okazu Miso can be purchased at the store called Poppo-ya in Bihoro Town.


●Bihoro Tourism and Product Association
3 Shinmachi, Bihoro-cho, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0152-73-2211

Five unique flavors

Okazu Miso is available in five flavors, including pork, onion, butterbur sprout, alpine leek, and nanban. It is widely used as an accompaniment to onigiri fillings, oden, chilled tofu and salads.

・Pork: The most well known of the product line, this particular Okazu Miso is made with Hokuto Pork, a hugely popular brand of pork produced in the Okhotsk area.
・Onion: This particular Okazu Miso features dried bonito flakes as a hidden flavor for a stir fried combination of onions and miso.
・Butternut sprout: A uniquely bitter Okazu Miso made from spring mountain vegetables and butterbur sprout.
・Alpine leek: Known for its unique aroma, this Okazu Miso is made from spring mountain vegetables and alpine leek.
・Nanban: This Okazu Miso has a spicy bite to it as it is made with green chili.