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Made from 100% Tobetsu-grown suisei rice

Tobetsu Town is a prominent producer of rice and around 2002 it began the full-scale cultivation of brewer’s rice used to make Japanese sake. The Tobetsu Brewer’s Rice Production Research Association, comprising farmers in the town who grow brewer’s rice, began to make sake with the hope of producing sake from locally grown rice and selling it locally. The boutique sake Yukifukuro was the first to be born through a partnership with Kobayashi Shuzo Co., Ltd., a brewer in Kuriyama Town that has made sake from Hokkaido-grown rice for many years. This boutique sake is made from 100% Tobetsu-grown suisei rice.

The fukuro (or owl) is the Tobetsu Town bird. The name Yukifukuro was decided because of the town’s commitment to ensure the owls, a symbol of happiness, living in the local prefectural forest are forever able to fly in the starry night sky like a comet (or suisei).


Yukifukuro can be purchased at liquor stores in Tobetsu Town.
・Seto Shoten Co., Ltd. ・Marusho Kojima Shoten Co., Ltd. ・Miyamoto Mart, Ltd.
・Miki Shoten Co., Ltd. ・North Ishikara Agricultural Cooperative Supplies Store ・Miki Kimio Shoten
・Aoi Shoten, Ltd. ・Marusan Mitsuhashi Shoten, Ltd. ・Hakamada Liquor Store
・Best Selection Yamazaki, Ltd. ・Point Shop Oe Shoten
・Yamani Takagi Shoten, Ltd.


●Tobetsu Brewer’s Rice Production Research Association
Chairman Takashi Taniguchi

●Kobayashi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
3-109 Nishiki, Kuriyama-cho, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0123-72-1001

A boutique sake that offers a similar tartness as white wine

Yukifukuro is a Japanese boutique sake with a delicious, sharp taste and tartness similar to  white wine. The smooth, refreshing taste and fruity notes make it very popular among women and it also pairs perfectly with savory cuisine flavored with miso. Yukifukuro can be enjoyed both chilled or warmed.
Suisei, a variety of rice grown particularly for sake brewing and used to make Yukifukuro, is highly resilient to cold temperatures and has a low amount of protein, which makes it an excellent ingredient in sake and creates a uniquely sophisticated taste. This brewer’s rice is grown in Tobetsu Town using techniques that reduce the amount of agrichemicals used.