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Free range dairy cattle raised in pastures completely free of agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers

Shimizu Town, located in the Tokachi region, is known for its prominent dairy industry. Established here in 1990, Asunaro Farming is a recycling-oriented dairy farm that is committed to being free of agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers, under the motto of cultivating soil, cultivating feed and cultivating dairy cows.
All of its dairy cows are free-range raised to ensure they are stress free. Fresh milk on the farm undergoes low-temperature pasteurization for 30 minutes at 63 degrees Celsius before it is made into a host of dairy products. The farm’s milk is known for its smooth and refreshing natural flavor. This milk is used to make yogurt, butter and soft-serve ice cream. Among these products, Farm Mousse, a type of yogurt dessert, is one of the farm’s most popular.


The farm’s milk can be purchased at Asunaro Farming’s produce stand or at retailers in Shimizu Town.


‚óŹAsunaro Farming Limited
Dai 4 Sen-65 Shimizu, Shimizu-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0156-62-2277

Delightfully creamy taste made possible by proprietary lactic acid bacteria

The farm’s yogurt mousse is made completely from fresh milk produced onsite and includes lemon juice, whipping cream and proprietary lactic acid bacteria, which blended together create a delightfully creamy taste. It is known for its gentle flavor without the normal acidity of yogurt. It is also hugely popular among locals. The farm’s yogurt mousse tastes great topped with a dab of the farm’s haskap berry jam. The farm’s yogurt mousse has been branded with the town’s local brand called Furusato Brand Tokachi Shimizu. It also won a gold medal at the Local Yogurt Grand Prix in 2014, having been chosen by a total of 1,007 food professionals.