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A strikingly popular yose tofu sold at the produce stand of a major soy bean farm

Tobetsu Town, known for its rich natural environment and close location to Sapporo, is a farming community that grows everything from flowers to rice and vegetables. Farm Futaba, located in the town, grows soy beans, rice, barley, asparagus, and beets, among other crops, and the farm is committed to environmentally friendly farming. It received the distinction of “Eco Farmer” from the Governor of Hokkaido for its soy bean and rice crops, as it uses highly sustainable farming practices. In addition, the farm has a produce stand that sells seasonal vegetables straight from the field and processed foods (open every Saturday from May to October). The produce stand’s most popular and famous product is yose tofu made from 100% homegrown soy beans.


Yose tofu can be purchased at the Farm Futaba produce stand as well as the Fureai Warehouse and other locations in Tobetsu Town from May to October every year.


‚óŹFarm Futaba (Misumi Farm)
207-3 Warabitai, Tobetsu-machi, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. 0133-22-3199

The condensed sweet and savory taste of soy beans ensures this tofu can be enjoyed by all

Yose tofu made from 100% homegrown toyo musume soy beans is a unique form of tofu that offers the savory and sweet taste of soy beans together with a nice aroma. This particular yose tofu is also certified as a Branndeli’ local specialty item brand made from locally grown livestock or agricultural crops in Tobetsu Town.
The texture of this tofu is somewhere between hard and soft, making it easy to eat even for people who are not a fan of tofu. It is best enjoyed plain with soy sauce or with a dash of salt.
The produce stand sells not only tofu, but tofu treats and even tea made from tofu.